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CRCC serves children of diverse abilities ranging from ages 6 weeks to 21 years old. We have two fantastic centers that create a rich environment for our families.

Our services and programs have varying rates, and we provide a variety of payment options for our families. Our client care coordinator meets with each family to assess their child’s needs and provide specific information about the rates that apply.

Our services and programs include:

Starting enrollment in therapy services

If you’re considering physical, occupational, speech, or feeding/swallowing therapy services, review the individual developmental checklists for each therapy type to get a sense of the skills your child should be developing and on what timeline.

Individual Therapy Checklists

If you have concerns, talk with your child’s pediatrician. They are a great resource for helping you evaluate if your child would benefit from receiving therapy to further develop their skills. 

CRCC will screen anyone who requests therapy, but certain insurance companies will not pay or authorize services if your child does not have a medical diagnosis. If your doctor has prescribed therapy services, CRCC will take the necessary steps to schedule an evaluation.

Contact our admissions team at 402.895.4000 for an initial phone intake. CRCC will then call your insurance company to verify your benefits and get back to you to discuss options. In the meantime, we will also send in orders to your child’s physician. If managed care, it will submit for an authorization, which shouldn’t take longer than three days. From there, we will contact you to schedule an evaluation.

Learn more about our therapy services.

Starting enrollment in education and care programs

To begin enrollment in our Inclusive Early Childhood Education programs or Before- and After-School Care program, contact our client care coordinator at 402.895.4000. They will work with you to answer any questions and guide your enrollment process. 

You will then need to fill out a Pre-Admissions Form for our team to review. We will contact you to let you know if you have been approved for our programs. 

If approved, our client care coordinator will provide any other necessary forms or paperwork. Please bring all the completed paperwork on your first day of scheduled care.

Starting enrollment in nursing services

Our nurses work closely with each family’s primary care provider to develop a child-specific, physician-approved nursing plan of care. This combines details of required nursing services, doctor’s orders and personal care aide plans to meet individuals' healthcare needs.

To start enrollment in our nursing services, contact our admissions team at 402.895.4000 or

Learn more about our nursing services.

Come visit us

Our facilities are unlike any other in Omaha. Fill out your contact information to arrange a personal tour with a member of our CRCC team. 

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