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Our Leadership

At CRCC, our leadership and staff members strive to reflect our core values in every action. These values not only guide the high-level direction of our organization, but they also guide the moment-to-moment care decisions made by the staff.

Understanding the adversities our families face to respect and preserve the dignity of all served.

Committing to providing exceptional service, support and advocacy to ensure our families’ success.

Pursuing exceptional ideas to reach the unique and changing needs of our families.

Inviting all to join together and deliver the best care imaginable.


Leadership Team

To connect with a member of our leadership team, please call 402-895-4000.


Board of Directors


Amber Phipps, Chairman

Jennifer Richardson, Vice President

Kathi Hesser, Secretary

Bruce Meyers, Treasurer

Anne Constantino, CEO

Eric Wells, Past Chairman

Fatima Basith, Director

Doug Christiansen, Director

Aaron Davis, Director

Trent Demulling, Director

Ann Glinski, Director

Steph Gould, Director

Jacque Herdzina, Director

Suzanne Kotula, Director

Scott S. Moore, Director

Lori Scott, Director

Joyce Davis, Advisor

Christine Johnson, Advisor

Mike Lebens, Advisor