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When should I be worried about my child’s developmental progress?

It can be helpful to refer to a developmental checklist to get an idea of the skills your child should be developing and on what timeline. If you have any concerns you should talk with your child’s pediatrician. Every child is different, and this includes the order and pace at which they develop skills. Your child’s pediatrician can help determine if your child is within a normal range of development or if they could benefit from a little extra help in catching up with their developmental milestones.

How do I know if my child needs an evaluation?

There are many reasons your child could benefit from therapy, including injury rehab, pain management, sensory concerns, delays in skills such as crawling, walking, dressing and grasping, difficulty with eating and swallowing, speech delay, balance concerns and many others. The best way to determine any skills that need further developing is through an evaluation. Your child’s pediatrician will be a great resource for helping you determine if your child would benefit from receiving therapy.

How is therapy at CRCC different from what my child can receive in a school?

CRCC provides therapy based on your child’s developmental milestones, and its ultimate goal is to help your child reach their full potential in life. The CRCC team works to make therapy a fun experience while teaching skills that will help your child be successful in environments outside of school. It can complement the therapy your child receives in school as well as provide additional skill development.

Who is eligible to participate in therapy?

Typically any child with a medical diagnosis (temporary or long term) can get approved for therapy services. However, CRCC always checks with your insurance provider to determine the exact level of coverage.

What insurances does CRCC accept?

CRCC accepts Nebraska Medicaid and managed cares, and is in-network for most commercial plans. Contact the Therapy Administrator at (402) 895-4000 with additional questions.

Does CRCC accept Iowa Medicaid for therapy services?

No. At this time, CRCC does not accept Iowa Medicaid for therapy services.

How are services authorized and funded?

Services are authorized by your child’s treating physician and, in certain instances, your insurance (if it requires a prior authorization). Therapy services for your child are funded by insurance or by private pay or a combination of both.

What services are provided?

CRCC offers physical, occupational, speech and feeding/swallowing therapy services. Evaluation and treatment for the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices is also provided.

What insurances does CRCC accept?

CRCC accepts Nebraska Medicaid and managed cares and is in-network for most commercial plans. Contact the Therapy Administrator at (402)895-4000 with additional questions.

When are services provided?

CRCC’S hours for therapy services are:

Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – noon

All evaluations must be completed Monday – Friday, with Saturdays reserved for treatment sessions.

How can I utilize therapy services?

This depends on your insurance, doctor’s orders and therapist recommendations.

What are the requirements for enrollment?

CRCC will screen anyone who requests therapy, but certain insurance companies will not pay or authorize services if the child does not have a medical diagnosis. In the case that your doctor has prescribed therapy services, CRCC would contact your insurance and take the necessary steps to schedule an evaluation.

Does my insurance cover this?

This is dependent on your insurance. Once CRCC finishes the phone intake, it will call your insurance company to verify your benefits and get back to you so options can be discussed (if you have private insurance/non-managed care). If you have a managed care insurance (such as Coventry Cares, Share Advantage Medicaid), services are typically covered in full as long as your carrier agrees that they are medically necessary. However, CRCC will still work with you to verify this.

Why can’t my child get therapy every day (five times a week)?

Usually therapists do not find it medically necessary to provide services five times a week. Since CRCC’s therapy services are structured on a medical model, insurance companies will not cover services five times per week. Typically, depending on your insurance and medical necessity, therapy will be one to two times per week per discipline.

I want therapy, so what’s next?

After the initial phone intake, CRCC will call your insurance company to verify your benefits and get back to you so options can be discussed. In the meantime, CRCC will also send in orders to your child’s physician. (If managed care) once it gets the orders back, it will submit for an authorization, which shouldn’t take longer than three days. From there, CRCC will contact you to schedule an evaluation.

Do I pay for care when my child is in therapy?

If your child is attending CRCC as part of the day or behavioral health program, yes, while they will not be in the classroom, your child remains signed in for care because this covers nursing needs. If your child comes as an outpatient, you will be with your child through the therapy and will not need to sign your child in.

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