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Starting on April 1, 2020, our Southwest center at 5321 South 138th Street will offer CRCC Community Care to local frontline healthcare providers, first responders and CRCC children that do not require nursing services. We will have the capacity to fill 5 classrooms with 10 children per room from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m Monday through Friday. Services will include a CNA on staff to identify any symptoms and illnesses, a special curriculum shaped by our amazing teachers, a recreational therapist providing activities and a ready behavioral health therapist. 

CRCC will be following the recommendations of Nebraska Medicine's infectious disease specialist to ensure the children in our care stay and staff caring for them as healthy as possible. 

Since we currently have a 50 child capacity, we will be providing care on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will have limited drop-in care available, so please try to schedule ahead of time. You can schedule care by contacting Lindsey at 402-496-1000.

We’re committed to bringing joy, health and hope to the families we serve, and we’re grateful to be of aid to those who share that mission. Thank you for your endless dedication to our community

Steps for registering for CRCC Community Care:

1. Call 402-496-1000.

2. Provide your anticipated schedule for care. We understand that there may be drop-in needs. Once registered we will try to make accommodations if possible. 

3. Complete the CRCC Intake Packet located below. If your child is an infant, please complete the two additional forms, Acknowledgement of Safe Sleep Policy and Infant Feeding Schedule.

4. After approval, please bring all the completed paperwork on your first day of scheduled care. Please plan for 10-15 minutes at drop off to ensure that all necessary paperwork is complete.

5. Review the handbook provided on the first day of scheduled care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will the CRCC Community Care services be available? 
CRCC Community Care will be available starting Wednesday, April 1, 2020. CRCC Southwest located at 5321 S 138th St. We will be open for regular business hours, 6:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. unless we are required to close due to an exposure or inability to meet required staffing ratios.


Who will be eligible to utilize the services?
CRCC Community Care is available to local frontline healthcare staff and First Responders when they are scheduled to work. If families are able to make other arrangements such as a spouse, older children at home, friends, family or neighbors to watch their children, we recommend alternative options first, so that we have availability for families with no other options. 


Which children are eligible to receive services? 
Children of required essential staff between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 are eligible for the Community Care. Please note that in order to ensure safety, children must be fever and symptom-free in order to receive services. Children’s temperatures will be monitored at the time of drop off and throughout the care period, if necessary. 


Who will monitor temperatures? 
CRCC staff will take temperatures upon drop off and throughout the day, as necessary. 


Will sick children be allowed to be dropped off? 
No. In order to protect the safety of all children and staff, children with temperatures above the CDC recommended limit or showing flu-like symptoms (coughing, congestion, shortness of breath) will not be eligible to receive services.


Who will staff the CRCC Community Care service?
We will have a CNA on staff to identify any symptoms and illnesses, a special curriculum shaped by our amazing teachers, a recreational therapist providing activities, and a ready behavioral health therapist.


How do I secure a spot for my child each day? 
Unfortunately, a spot cannot necessarily be guaranteed if you are unable to provide a schedule in advance. Due to the city and state social distancing guidelines, we have a maximum capacity of 50 children (first come, first served). We recommend calling Lindsey at 402-496-1000 to determine if we have the capacity. We will add your name to a waiting list and call you if a spot opens up.


What am I required to do when I drop off my child? 
Staff will validate that you are classified as essential staff and are scheduled to work. Each time you drop off your child, you will be required to fill out and/or update an intake form. The intake form will supply us with information such as food allergies, emergency contact information, who is authorized to pick up your child, etc. 


What am I required to bring when I drop off my child? 
In order to minimize any risks, we are requiring parents to provide a change of clothing for children who are not potty trained. We are also asking parents to bring any bedding and comfort items such as blankets or stuffed animals and take them home each day for laundering. 


Who is authorized to pick up my child?
Please indicate on the intake form who is authorized to pick up your child. ID may be required.


What is the charge for this service?
CRCC Community Care services will be free to all essential local frontline healthcare providers and First Responders.

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