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Who We Are

Who We Are

The Mission of Children’s Respite Care Center (CRCC) is to provide comprehensive services and family support for children with special medical, developmental, cognitive and impairment impacted children by providing services that evoke maximum potential and foster the development of intellectual and social competence.

CRCC is a local, independent, non-profit organization that focuses on the holistic development of children with special needs. Our expert multidisciplinary team of nurses, mental health therapists, occupational therapists (OT), physical therapists (PT), speech (SP), and nurturing classroom teachers and staff combine their skills to provide an array of programs designed specifically for children with special needs that will enable them to reach their maximum potential.

We are very proud of having helped thousands of children and their families since 1990. We currently serve more than 250 children in our various programs. CRCC is the sole facility of this kind in the state of Nebraska.

CRCC’s commitment to quality care is evident in the strong bonds our staff forge with the children. Each staff member truly lives our mission on a daily basis and demonstrates it with quality care they provide the children enrolled in our programs.

CRCC offers the following features at each of our locations:

  • Fun, educational tools and adaptive equipment such as computers, iPads and Wii
  • Multi-sensory Environments
  • Accessible Outdoor Play Areas
  • Low Adult-to-Child Ratio – providing quick response and individualized attention
  • Peer role models for infant through preschoolers that model for your child their next development steps
  • Parent training and resources

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