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AAC Evaluation Clinic

At our Therapy Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluation Clinic we provide services for children with a wide range of diagnosis, medical complexities and cognitive challenges that result in communication limitations and who may benefit from an alternate method of communication. We aim to provide the complete assessment, training and support experience for the children, their families and therapeutic teams.

Our team will assess your child’s communication skills using their current preferred methods, and then explore the possibilities for expanded communication using alternative and augmentative tools.

Payment for most communication devices is obtained from Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance. We will work with you throughout this process and will submit the necessary forms.

The goals of our therapy team for your child include:

  • Developing an effective means of communication
  • Gaining confidence in communicating
  • Building relationships and encourage social interaction
  • Developing capabilities to express basic needs, thoughts and emotions
  • Increasing independence in home, school and community

We provide a wide range of services to customize your child’s experience, including: 

  • Evaluation of communication skills and needs
  • Evaluations for AAC aids (low tech and high tech), strategies and techniques
  • Positioning for access and to reduce physical barriers
  • Training for client, family, educators and communication partners
  • Treatment with and without SGDs
  • Device programming
  • Customized access and mounting solutions