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Therapeutic Day Program

CRCC offers a behavioral health preschool program and a behavioral health school age program. The preschool children attend the program throughout the day, while the school age program serves older children before and after school and full-time during school breaks/holidays. Both programs teach the children how to make good choices that will help them succeed at school and daycare. Licensed therapists and experienced behavioral specialists create unique plans to stop problem behaviors and develop acceptable social skills. The goal is to get the child back to a more typical setting as soon as possible.

Preschool Program

The preschool program is designed for children ages 3-5 with behavioral problems. Nurturing specialists teach preschoolers social skills and help children learn to manage difficult feelings. Each child has their own plan which outlines how their unique developmental, behavioral, communication and sensory needs will be improved.

School-Age Program

The school-age program is for children ages 5-12 who have both behavioral challenges and a developmental disability. Specialists use positive behavior supports to encourage desired choices and make problem behavior unnecessary. We celebrate each child by rewarding them through their unique strengths/interests. Parents are supported by specialists and are valued as a member of the treatment team.